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#Ardent30 Week 4 - Ardent Market

#Ardent30 Week 4

DAY 22 - Take a Walk

Mindful/meditative walks are one of my favorite ways to reset and get a little nature, and movement in my day. When I feel my restlessness or small anxieties/blocks creep in, I press pause and go outside. It's a simple way to get out of thoughts and into my body and breath.

Taking a mindful walk creates a lot of space to explore, breathe, and connect. At an average pace, notice how your body feels- practice a quick scan. Focus primarily on your arms, legs, and feet. As you focus on your feet, pay attention to the feeling and sensations as you make contact with the ground.

Your mind will wander with the urge to replay problems, emotions, and conversations. You might get distracted— when you notice, bring your thoughts back to your feet and the earth. This is an excellent opportunity to notice your surroundings; you might see changes in the neighborhood, smell fresh blooms in a parkway, feel the breeze on your skin, and hear the basic hum of life around you. Be present with your senses and feelings.

This little meditation can be done anywhere and is an excellent practice for decluttering your headspace and strengthening focus. 5-10 minutes a day can give you some clarity and is more rejuvenating than that extra cup of coffee.

DAY 23 - Smile

There is sunshine in your smile, seriously.
Smiling is a great way to get some endorphins moving. Your smile can brighten your disposition and make you more approachable and friendly. It's your chance to radiate happiness. You've got a great smile, take a break from that resting frown and challenge yourself to smile more. You'd be surprised how much it can change your mood and cheer others.


DAY 24 - Meditate

Take at least three minutes today and practice the body scan, take a walk, or sit with some crystals in your hand. We are encouraging you to sit with yourself for a few minutes in a present moment. Relax your face, unclench your jaw, and take a few deep breaths. Your body and being will thank you.


DAY 25 - Get it Done

Is there something that is hanging over your head? That nagging feeling can really weigh down your energy, mood, and demeanor. Take a minute to acknowledge what is giving you stress and handle it today. You'll be able to fill that space with an expansive attitude. Let yourself be free, cut the cord on what's been weighing you down.


DAY 26- Make Every Day Earth Day 

You've heard us say that every day is Earth Day at AM. Today we are taking inventory on our footprint, our artists, and the goods we carry.

Part of the joy of working with small businesses and artists is because they are conscious and creative with how they look at their craft and what they can do to help pair down on waste. They don't just create the things the things we love; they mindfully care for our planet during each phase of production and shipment.

We are talking: recycled paper for printing, biodegradable packaging, repurposed scrap leather, natural dyes, natural + vegan oils/ingredients, and environmental fundraisers. They practice all of these particular parts of their craft on top of offering beautiful and conscious products for us to use and love!

We are all in this together, and today we are celebrating each of you who take the extra steps and cost to live a sustainable existence and drive a clean business. Thank you!


DAY 27 - Go To Bed Early

Hey, night, owls!

We love your ability to keep the party going, waking up to your stream of consciousness text messages, and your overwhelming creative energy.

But, we are worried about your blood pressure, anxiety levels, and overall mood when someone asks how you are at 7 am.

Let's practice an earlier bedtime a couple of nights a week. You could be getting better quality sleep, improve heart health, and overall day-time energy and satisfaction.

You're always told to give it a shot, but start out easy— cutting caffeine at 3 pm, and adding an hour each week. You might like how you feel if you're in bed by 10. Work yourself up to 9 pm and experience the joy of waking up naturally without an annoying alarm.


DAY 28 - Simplify

Sometimes we are tempted by a flip phone, but we really couldn't leave all of you. Have you noticed how much of your life/work/communications happen online? It's convenient, you always have documents and dates on you, and you are using less paper— all great things.

But let's pick one thing that makes us get away from a screen or device — one ritual that's a bit more of us, and less of us online. Maybe for you it's listening to an album on vinyl, cooking from handed-down recipe cards and cookbooks, jotting down a quote instead of hitting save, taking a walk without headphones, sending a physical birthday card and not a gif, carrying cash, and making a mood board with clippings and glue.

Have one thing that is just for you, because you haven't invited the thousands of people to join you. Have a ritual that doesn't have to be shared, posted, or liked.

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