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#Ardent30 Week 3 - Ardent Market

#Ardent30 Week 3

DAY 15 - Express Gratitude

You know how to be grateful and give thanks. Gratitude is a profound life-changing feeling. That feeling is also a very actionable practice. We are here to share how you can go beyond journaling and feeling; we have some suggestions for how you can express it to others. You can write to them (Day 2), be present with them, listen more, give meaningful gifts, practice compromise, reach out and initiate, hug more (Day 14), smile more, and offer help.


DAY 16 - Create A Special Place   

We are social creatures, even as an introvert, I can say that intentional time with others fills my cup.  But, this is also because I have a place that I don't have to share. I've carved out a quiet corner of the house for my journaling and meditative practices, no one is invited there, and it's there when I need it.  The benefits of having a spot that belongs to you are comforting and grounding.  We share so much of our time, energy, thoughts, and selves with each other.  Re-define selfish and create a safe haven for meditation, yoga, reading, music listening, even general laziness.  Think of it as the whatever-you-need-it-to-be-space, and celebrate it, give it a name and an identity, show it some love and attention. You might need pillows, blankets, plants, lights, crystals, books, candles- whatever feels right. Enjoy your whatever-you-need-it-to-be space.


DAY 17 - "Life Happens in Coffee Shops" by Jordan Koehnke

Meditation can be a loaded word. Those can be quick to assume that meditation automatically presumes "traditional", or more concentrative practices of reflecting inwards. For those who may be skeptics of this broad perception of meditation, take a step back and remind yourself that at its core, meditation is about finding simple things that awake your soul. 

For some, this idea of bliss can come in all forms. For those such as myself, there has always been one constant in my life that has given me so much more than a cure to an early morning or late night. This constant is coffee. Coffee always has, and will continue to be a universal language. I would classify myself as a human who is typically always on the run, constantly discovering new projects for myself with hardly a minute to sit amongst my own thoughts. In the midst of this organized chaos, I always find myself perched at a coffee shop. There is something mystifying about walking into a new shop. The subtle hum of the grinder, and the gentle aroma of freshly brewed coffee never fail to give me an instant sense of serenity. Baristas are suddenly viewed as friends, and fellow customers become a community, as all my previous walls used to shield from the disarray of the outside world come crashing down. Coffee creates a sense of community, whether you are a regular at a shop, or a wandering soul searching for something you didn't know existed. This simple commodity that billions of people consume has the power to create a space of creativity, collaboration, and conversation. It was never coffee itself that made me fall in love. It was the ability to see an inanimate space mean something to so many people.

The next time you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, try walking into a coffee shop. Setting a routine in something as simple as getting coffee every morning can give one a feeling of familiarity and ease. Try not to bring your laptop or go on your phone, and rather immerse yourself in the experience by writing, sketching, or even talking to a stranger. So much of the world is happening around you when you look up. You may even find your sense of bliss in the form of a cup of joe. 

  • Jordan Koehnke, Barista and Community Event Coordinator


DAY 18- Curate Your Home  

What you bring into your home matters, not just because it 'sparks joy,' but because it's your way of expressing your identity, vibe, and values. You can be practical and pair down on things— you can practice minimalism, but less isn't necessarily the key. The connection to what you own is the real magic.

Now that we have experienced many years of living with less, identifying need vs. want, and purging things. It's essential to take a serious look at what is left and what it means to you. Now is the time to make some rules and boundaries to curate a space you feel inspired in, not just less guilty for the amount of what you own.

You can cultivate an eye for curation, or strengthen it. Have as much as you want, but make each addition to your home or closet a significant one. Make some boundaries for yourself and learn to get clear on what suits you and your home before you make a purchase.

When you curate your home, much like I curate the shop and most things I come in contact with— don't be afraid of some rules. Start asking yourself questions in alignment with your values— What is vital to your home identity? Do you want to be sustainable and eco-friendly? Do you want to celebrate the global economy and fair trade? Are you the person who travels and collects pub coasters and knick-knacks from every stop? Do you believe in bold colors or refreshing neutrals?

Think of collecting your space with the law of attraction. There are always going to be things that find you based off of your own state of being. Use it as a driving force for piecing your dwelling together.

Be open to where things find you! I've lost track of how many times I've 'shopped' my sister's home to find a few treasures that she was willing to part with. I've plucked items out of retail store's visual junk boxes, bought things at roadside markets, ordered from artists, and made myself. 

When in doubt of what you truly love, make a Pinterest board! Focus solely on collecting images of things you like into one file and go nuts, once you have some considerable pins, edit your board of what doesn't seem to fit. I did this when I was trying to express the store in words; you can see that board here.

I'm leaving you with my list of standards for curating the shop; maybe there will be a spark of inspiration for how you intentionally style and curate your space. 

Before I make any purchase, I go through this checklist: 

+ Make a meaningful connection with the creator

+ Honor quality of craftsmanship

+ Nurture community

+ Follow spark of design/creativity

+ Seek inspiration and balance

+ See the value


*We would love to see your Curation Mood Board, be sure to send us the link or share it in comments! 



DAY 19 - Let Your Creativity Flow

Find something that sparks your interest and dive in! Make a collage, rearrange furniture, plant a garden, make a playlist, organize your clothes by color, sit down to draw or paint, take some pictures, make a meal at home. Creativity tries to meet you everywhere, follow it when it finds you.

As always, take a picture of something you made and tag us! #Ardent30


DAY 20 - Journal

There is nothing we love more than intentional time each morning to journal. Finding an outlet for thoughts, memories, intentions, and goals is one of the most significant gifts you can give yourself.

We sell a few different kinds of notebooks in the shop because there are so many different kinds of journaling. We are here to empower the habits that light you up.

We wanted to share some of our favorite journal practices:
+ Future Self Journaling- Designed and freely shared by Dr. Nicole LePera, this practice is new to us within the last year and utterly transformative. You can access her account and Future Self Journal here.
+ Freeform - Sometimes you need to get some words out. No judgment or timeline, just open up the book and follow your stream of consciousness for three pages.
+ Doodle a Day - One little drawing a day can create a lot of mindfulness by studying an object and putting it down to paper. You're also sharpening a skill or creating a new one! It's fun to look back and see how far you've come in your drawing capabilities. One day a simple coffee cup, and the next a garden path.
+ Moon Study - We live for finding connections and remaining open and curious. Creating a moon study and connecting to a practice that's been around for centuries, is one of the 'coolest' things we do. It's also a special place to store your intentions for new moons/ full moons and check in with what you're manifesting in your life!
+ Crystal Cataloging- Drawing each crystal you bring home is a wildly meditative and connecting experience. We write down uses, chakras, and intentions to reference when needed.
+ Gratitude Journal - This practice and others can be combined into one notebook or dropped in a calendar. Jotting down what you're grateful for and seeing it each day reinforces a lot of positive habits and growth. It can be a simple as adding it to your daily schedule.

What kind of journaling do you practice?


DAY 21 - Make a Standing Group Activity 

We have an outdoor projector for monthly movies, a book club, and a serious interest in a skate club * shirts and volunteers pending *

Community and meaningful connections can be made anywhere. Grab some people you know with similar interests and form your own club. Make the time to do an activity together, bond, laugh and connect— even if you start with Happy Hour. Everyone has a common interest in tacos.

Places you can start:
+ Make a yoga group and go to the park
+ Create a Skillshare club where you each host an educational class
+ Sip and paint club- go each month
+ Have monthly dog walks with friends and their pups
+ Community Garden and shared patch
+ Host a standing pizza night
+ Form a hiking group
+ Hold a museum group and visit each one in your area, one month at a time.

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