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#Ardent30 Week 1 - Ardent Market

#Ardent30 Week 1

DAY 1 - Welcome + Transformation Card


DAY 2- Go Another Way

This gorgeous image by Pat Nolan* inspired us to go another way home. Simple enough, right?⁠

⁠A present mindset and perspective need to be challenged and disrupted from time to time. You never know where inspiration can strike — being intentional about how to you come and go keeps the lull of autopilot from sending you into a mental snooze.⁠

⁠If you've ever arrived home to wonder if you've run every single light, this is for you. Go another way, change up your scenery, take a side street, get familiar with the changes on your block.


Maybe you'll happen upon a house like this!⁠
Enjoy your neighborhood findings!⁠


DAY 3- Get Some Sunshine 

About 15 minutes in some sunshine a day can boost your mood, increase brain function, improve sleep, and lower blood pressure. Of course, we recommend sun safety, but being in the sun has many more benefits than drawbacks. Put on sunscreen, hat, and shades and take a stroll, read a book, or eat alfresco. Enjoy the rays and all the vitamin D.


DAY 4- Take a Picture

We spent the last couple days snapping away to give you more vintage goodness. It reminded us what a mindful practice photography is.

⁠When was the last time you printed a photo? Or took one with film? Or even picked up your camera and adjusted the settings? Pictures are worth a 1000 scrolls on social media. We love participating in Instagram, Pinterest, and having our phones' camera ready, but there is something so mindful about photography.⁠

⁠Treat yourself to the sensory experience of intentionally clicking a shutter. Enjoy the nostalgia from when each image was special because it was limited. Take in the composition and study the subject. Find your light and snap.⁠

Share your capture on #Ardent30 and check out the fun vintage collections trickling out this week!⁠


DAY 5- Write to Someone

Snail mail continues to be our favorite intentional communication. Over the years, it's taught us how to focus on the point of the message, craft the words, put them to paper, and send with care. Sending and receiving cards and letters is one of those simple and lasting joys. Send some love, gratitude, and encouragement, and enjoy how much it brightens your mood.


DAY 6- Care For Your Houseplants

Honor some of that home energy and spruce things up a little, starting with your plant babies. Carve out some time to dust leaves and make a plant watering schedule to gather them all up for a little bath and care. You'll both feel better.⁠

⁠Plants are a pretty, affordable, and healthy way to bring in a little nature to your dwelling. We've read what feels like all the articles about how they improve air quality, release water, and improve focus.

We just like them, and the scientific benefits are a perk to the color and cheer they layer into a home.⁠

⁠We know with the increase of plant culture, the more experimenting you do. There have been many plants over the years that go to "plant hospital." Aka the brightest window above the kitchen sink. Because there has been a reckless Maidenhair Fern purchase, we compiled a list of hearty and gorgeous varieties, so you don't have to lose some friends as we have: ⁠

+ ZZ Zamioculas Zamiifolia⁠
+ Snake Plant⁠
+ Peace Lily⁠
+ Philodendron⁠
+ Spider Plant⁠
+ Rubber Fig⁠
+ Dumb Canes⁠
+ Dracaena⁠
+ Calatheas⁠
+ Hoya⁠

⁠As much as you probably don't need to buy another plant, we know you will. We do hope you check out a local nursery or plant shop for your next purchase!⁠


DAY 7- Breathwork

Your body is home. The purpose of connecting to our bodies through breath is to honor our many capabilities. It also creates some safety and comfort within ourselves. Breathwork is used to improve mental, physical, and spiritual health- whole health. By intentionally changing your breath, you can reduce stress and anxiety levels, increase immunity, develop self-awareness/self-worth, release negative thoughts, and so so much more.

Our brain associates deep breathing with safety and calm. At AM, we love to advocate for meditation, but it's the breath part of the practice that makes it so vital. You're not just observing thought; you're connecting your brain, body, and spirit in one single exercise. When 80% of your nerves communicate from body to brain, and 20% of nerves communicate brain to the body— breath work and other related body therapies are so crucial to healing.

For today's challenge, we are going to focus on 4-7-8 breathing. It is easy to remember and considerable support in times of stress (fight/flight).

1) Begin with a whooshing exhale through parted lips.
2) Close your mouth and inhale for four seconds.
3) For seven seconds, hold your breath.
4) Make another audible exhale through your mouth for eight seconds.
5) Repeat this about four times, until you can feel your body relax and a sense of calm wash over you.

Practice this in times of stress in a place you can sit or lay down. You want to maintain the calm you've achieved in your mind and body.


See you for Week 2!

Image by Pat Nolan

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