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Day 1: Welcome 

It's so easy to learn online that self-care is an 'indulgent' activity. It's a lesson we get time and time again from each other when we practice medicating our lives with Netflix, face masks, and carbs. It's my firmest belief that care of your being isn't so that you can escape your life, but you can enrich it. Care is the structure, consistency, and attention to being the best version of ourselves we can be.

I hope we can we all on some level, agree that self-care isn't a prescription but a lifestyle. The idea of having space and energy in your free time is the very reason you work and balance all-the-things. Wouldn't it be wonderful to get through your week without clawing your way to Friday? Without every interaction with your loved ones seasoned with mild frustration or exhaustion? The fact that we get so burnt out that our quality time gets sacrificed to recovery is so disappointing. You don't work as hard as you do to live in debt to the energy you already used. That's not the lifestyle we want to advocate. We want a passionate, enthusiastic, and dedicated existence — an ardent life.

Self Care is a practice. It's one that is easily forgotten about or thrown together after the damage is done. The very purpose of showing up for yourself, practicing mindfulness, and cultivating self-trust/worth gets lost in our mission to cross it off the to-do list. Caring for your being is not an achievement; it's not something you can accomplish. It's a tool and a lasting journey for you to access some peace, healing, and accountability. We care about the quality of your present wellness, and it's our mission to be a resource for you to shape a future you're empowered and inspired in.

When we spoke about making space a couple of weeks ago, I knew this was a more substantial topic we can all enjoy together. We are all these creative, engaging, busy-addictive creatures that deserve some space and some ritual to life. We deserve to come at life feeling resilient, powerful, and ourselves. And like you know, it's the little moments that add up to a meaningful existence.


There are 30 days out of this month, and we are covering a different topic each day. Each challenge varies in complexity and time investment. These are all challenges we believe in and cherish as a practice in life. If you can make yourself accountable to some of these tips, you can create positive habits for your wellness journey. I hope you can carve out some space in your day to participate, and at least follow along for some inspiration!

Each day will be touched on Instagram stories and posts. I hope you'll feel empowered to share your own journey by posting and tagging #Ardent30 so we can all practice together, and learn from each other. If you're not on Instagram, you are welcome to check the blog each week for your updates. We have wonderful guest bloggers, the usual fun Market business, and some prizes along the way! I hope you won't miss this chance to implement some powerful and happy tools to set you up for the holiday season, and the rest of 2019.

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