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Your Guide to Gemini Season - Ardent Market

Your Guide to Gemini Season


Adaptable, Outgoing, Impulsive, Intelligent, Nosy, Networked

The Guide

Gemini season is a celebration of quick-witted and adaptable energy. As an Air sign, Geminis are constantly buzzing with and formulating new ideas to share. This season encourages us to explore our curiosity and embrace the opportunities that come our way.

The twins are intellectual and outgoing making them bubbly socialite butterflies of the Zodiac. They easily adapt to many people and situations and are enthusiastic, easily inspired, and highly influenced. While indecisions can arise, lean into the knowledge of nuance. You can hold multitudes, and this season is the opportunity to embody it. Whatever information, ideas, or opinions you’re synthesizing, remember that you can set the frequency and change the channel. Gemini will stir up busy thoughts, social calendars, and endless chatter, allowing us to tune in on whatever topic ignites our curiosity and gift of gab.

Correspondences & Tools


RULER - Mercury

MODALITY - Mutable

SYMBOL - The Twins


COLOR - Saffron

DAY OF THE WEEK - Wednesday

AREA OF THE BODY - Arms, Hands, Fingers, and Lungs

TAROT CARD - Lovers, Swords

CRYSTALS - Agate, Amber, Fluorite


  • Full Moon in Sagittarius - June 3rd
  • New Moon in Gemini - June 17th


  • Mars Opposite Pluto - May 20th
  • Mars Square Jupiter - May 22nd
  • Jupiter Conjunct North Node - June 1st

PLAYLIST - This musical journal entry

ALTAR SUGGESTIONS - Aniseed, marjoram, vervain, foods with a combination of tastes like salty, sweet, spicy, and sour. Multicolored flowers, especially in the purple or blue family, can be used for decoration. Agate, Amber, Fluorite, Quicksilver, and Topaz (anything that aids a clear mind) can also be placed on the altar. Additionally, textbooks, writing utensils, tarot cards, and objects related to learning and publication can be included. Tickets to a workshop or mementos of travel. Objects that symbolize duality and partnership, such as salt and pepper or candles of opposite colors or left brain/right brain, can also be included.

The Collection

Are you looking for ways to celebrate Gemini season? We have a collection of perfect gifts that match the season's lively energy. Our selection includes items that encourage exploration, curiosity, and conversation, as well as tools for intellectual pursuits. There's something for even the most social butterfly.


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