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Father's Day Gift Guide - Ardent Market

Father's Day Gift Guide

This year we are saving dad’s everywhere from default gifts like grilling tools, wallets, and watches. While it’s always the thought that matters most, we can do a little better than the usual suspects. If you want to make a more meaningful gesture for your dad or father figure, we have valuable suggestions straight from the source—actual dads.

Meet Ramon, Ed, Scott, and Jake, four members of our community who graciously volunteered to curate a special collection from Ardent Market. They've carefully handpicked items that cover everything from daily-life essentials to outdoor adventures, ensuring you don't have to second-guess your choices.

Our volunteers have not only shared their favorite finds but also provided insightful perspectives on why these gifts resonate with dads. We're thrilled to present this community-curated collection, hoping it inspires you to find the perfect way to show your dad or father figure how much you care and appreciate him. 

Ramon’s Picks


  • Father of one
  • Tattoo Artist
  • Enjoys museums, trips to the desert, and motorcycle rides


ANTIQUE SILVER ROCKS GLASSES - I have a deep respect for craftsmanship. Blown glass is one of those fascinating trades that has a rich history and requires a lot of skill and practice. That's why I like these glasses. They are handcrafted, heavy, and nice looking.

29 PALMS CANDLE - The desert is a special place, and I love scents that remind me of the time I've spent there, particularly in Twenty-nine Palms. This candle captures the vibe of the desert.

WHITE SANDS BLANKET - There's something undeniably cool about these blankets. Whether you're traveling, sitting by the fire, or having a picnic, they provide homeyness that you can take with you wherever you go. The colors and patterns remind me of growing up in Texas. If given as a gift, it would remind me of all the stories and memories we have as a family.

Ramon also has a collection of Watercolor Tattoo Flash at AM. Get Dad the snake tattoo he has always wanted. SHOP PRINTS

Ed’s Picks


  • Father of two
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Slows down with word puzzles, surfing & family beach days, daily drawings for his kid’s lunches


ASTROLOGY GUIDEBOOK - I've always been interested in astrology, but it can be difficult to understand. Is it the jargon? The moons? Who is in whose house? Why do I feel this way? It seems like whenever I read even the silliest horoscope, it's dead on. I think understanding the details would be helpful. When I find the time to figure it out, astrology will be the first thing I turn to.

RUGGED CANVAS TOTE - Love having a reliable, well-built item that can withstand a grocery run or a day at the beach. This rad little tote is perfect for whatever I need, and the added pockets are a plus. I can see myself using this daily for sure.

OJAI GRAPEFRUIT CANDLE - Easily my favorite fruit. The scent of ripping into a huge grapefruit always makes me feel at home. Even though breaking into a grapefruit is half the fun, this candle would easily transport me back.

Scott's Picks


  • Father of two
  • Artist, Craftsman
  • Unwinds with surfing, podcasts, and illustrations


‘SHINE LIKE GOLD’ ZINE - I am a big fan of this artist. I have collected some pieces over the years and was lucky enough to attend a show. My first piece was actually a bandana my wife got for me here. You should get a copy for yourself and gift one for Father’s Day—everyone will be more badass for flipping through it.

WOODEN SPICE MILL - I cannot express the struggles I've had with pepper mills. They're often archaic, impossible to refill, too cheap, too tall, or too traditional. However, this minimalist mill checks all the boxes for something that is well-made and isn't an eyesore. The fact that you can simply pull off the top to refill? Genius.

MEMOBOTTLE - Single-use bottles are one of my biggest pet peeves. Some reusable water bottles are made with questionable materials or take up too much space. Memobottle is a great eco-friendly option, and they make a high-quality product. The fact that it's flat and looks like an old-school canteen doesn't hurt either!

Jake's Picks


  • Father of three
  • Graphic Designer
  • Slows down with hikes, home projects, and surfing lessons for families


GARDENING TOOLS - My houseplants are a source of pride in our home. People assume my wife takes care of our home style, but it’s a joint effort. I like the house to be tidy and full of life. I like picking up something new on my errands, and I’ve started a propagation corner. These tools are so cool, and I would leave them out or maybe build a shelf for them.

SALONA RATTAN TRAY - I’m a coffee nerd and making coffee for my wife and me in the morning is how we connect and start the day. With three boys it can be chaos, but it’s something we share and I’ve collected a lot of stuff in the process. I like this tray for clearing up the clutter. It would be very official to have a spot that's large enough for the carafe, coffee, and mugs and suits the house.

OH MY BOD! SUNSCREEN -  In my opinion, sunscreen is a necessary evil. I use it to set a good example for my kids, but some sunscreens can be harmful to the environment, and they often feel weird or smell like fake fruit. I actually want to wear this sunscreen every day. It's reef-friendly, water-resistant, feels great, and smells even better. Everyone in my household is always grabbing my bottle because they love it too. So if you plan to get some as a gift, make sure to grab two!

 The Gift Guide

These dads graciously added a few more items to the cart to create a fun collection! Each item is hand-selected by our volunteers, so you can browse with peace of mind knowing that your finds are certified dad-approved.



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