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Experience Summer Splendor


This is the season of vitality, lingering daylight, connection, spaciousness, sun-kissed fruit, night blooms, and adventure.

Season Energetics: Season of Fire

The summer months represent the joy of nature at its peak. Colors are fresh and vibrant, the sun shines indiscriminately, flowers bloom, and days are full of energy. As the sun blazes overhead and the days grow longer, there is an unmistakable energy that permeates the air during the warmer months.

Summer is often associated with the Fire Element in ancient traditions, representing passion, vitality, and creativity. Embrace this energy to experience a season of growth, joy, and inspiration. Pursue your passions, foster transformation, nurture creativity, and savor connection.

It is a time of heightened vitality and a perfect opportunity to ignite our sense of exploration and expansiveness. Spend these months leaning into your fire—embracing the ideas, places, and people who help you bolster your power and shine your brightest.

"A mind that is stretched by experiences can never go back to its old dimensions” Oliver Holmes

Warm Intentions: Soak up the Sun

Our Summer Market is all about embracing the fiery splendor of the season: the warmth and energy of the sun, the vibrancy of the colors around us, and the joy and wanderlust that come with longer days and warmer nights.

This season, we encourage you to soak up the sun. Whether it's taking a dip in the pool, lounging on the beach, or simply spending time outdoors, let the energy of the season invigorate and inspire you to pursue your passions, foster personal transformation, and strengthen relationships with the earth and loved ones.

Visit the SUMMER MARKET for our handpicked, summer-ready finds.

    Summertime Experiences

    There are many activities and practices to enjoy during the summer season, with its long stretches of daylight. Connecting with nature, exploring new creative pursuits, and sharing experiences with loved ones can awaken the spirit and bring optimism. Some things on our summer wishlist include:

    • Create many different recipes using stonefruit
    • Share garden produce and flowers with the neighborhood
    • Layer in color and ease throughout the home
    • Gathering with loved ones for meals outside
    • Wake with the sun—restricting morning screentime
    • Attend a concert or host one. (host a backyard picnic and have every guest can some ready to queue three songs)
    • Curate a summer uniform, but find playfulness in accessories
    • Swap cocktails and mocktails for a spritz or Italian Soda
    • Choose a home project that makes your life easier
    • Attend outdoor markets, squeeze in road trips, and swap sit-down dinners for tapas and card games

    What's on your summer wishlist?

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