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A New Ardent Market - Ardent Market

A New Ardent Market

 Spring is this incredible time when we get to plant seeds, enjoy the curious and flirtatious air—energy, and begin again. While January is the beginning of the calendar year, Spring marks the start of the zodiac calendar, many ancient holidays, and of nature’s beginnings.
It made sense for Ardent Market to begin again too. I am thrilled to share that AM is getting a little brand, website, and offering refresh just in time for the season! This project has been close to my heart for months, and it's a small miracle I did not ruin the surprise.
When I started AM, I made sure every investment went to the support of indie brands and your customer experience. I made decisions that were economical and simple. As this business has evolved, it’s slowly outgrown the delicate scaffolding I built and was ready for a new look, vibe, and a re-commitment to what is important to this community.
All that to say, these changes are about highlighting the connections we’ve cultivated, and the changes (and challenges) we’ve experienced in the last three years. I am using this update and brand refresh as a celebration of curiosity, fresh starts, and new beginnings.
Within the next few weeks, you’ll see new colors and designs, notice some shifts in our offerings, and have more clarity about our values. As always, you’ll discover a slower, more meaningful shopping experience.
I can’t wait for you to see it, and I hope you love it as much as I do.
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